The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) process has been modified to include a committee of at least three members, the property manager (Seascape) and a professional architectural firm if needed. Architectural review is a requirement of the RBYCC POA Board of Directors to ensure all construction projects not only abide by all state and county construction requirements but also adhere to the RBYCC POA construction guidelines. The property owner must sign that this has been done. Application fees have been reduced to encourage property betterment. We have also provided a link on this page where owners can ask questions prior to or during the application process.

The ARC is presently made up of Mark Lane, Arlyce Dubbin, James Mease and Patrick Saparito. All are volunteer community members.

The application forms for ARC review are posted on this page. All applications should be sent to our property manager which will review the application for its completeness before it is forwarded to the ARC. You must submit the completed appropriate application with any required fees to Seascape Property Management, 17563 Nassau Commons Boulevard, Suite 3, Lewes, Delaware 19958. Your contractor must be both licensed and insured in the State of Delaware. You and the Contractor must both sign and acknowledge that you have read the Contractor’s Code of Conduct prior to commencing any work.

Document #1: Overview for All Applications
Document #2: Contractor’s Code of Conduct
Document #3: New Home Construction and Landscaping
Document #4: Additions or Changes to Existing Homes
Document #5: Demolition

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