The Building Approval Committee (BAC) process has been modified to include a committee of at least three members, the property manager (Seascape) and a professional architectural firm. The fees have been adjusted for large additions and new home construction in order to offset the expense of the professional reviewer. Those fees are paid to the POA which in turn, compensates the firm for its time. We have also provided a link on this page where owners can ask questions prior to or during the application process.

The BAC is presently made up of Mark Lane, Arlyce Dubbin, James Mease and Patrick Saparito. The form to use for application to the BAC is posted on this page. All BAC applications should be sent to SeaScape Property Management which will review the application for its completeness and then either forward it to the professional review company or to the BAC for its review. For the most part, only large additions or new home construction require the review of the professional review company. The BAC does reserve the right to forward any application they feel is outside of their expertise to the professional reviewer. Any fees for such review are the responsibility of the applicant, even if the application is denied. BAC applications are required for all projects large or small - involving new structures or improvements/additions to existing structures and buildings, such as new homes, additions, decks, fences, pools, etc.

BAC Application and Fees

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